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I have known Jaimy for many years. He has always amazed me with the creativity of his solutions – he comes up with answers that no one else has been able to find. Jaimy is a tireless worker and totally focused on the success of his customers. If you need a BI consultant who can really deliver what you need, Jaimy needs to be on your very short short-list.

Mark Ostroff
Principal BI SC, Oracle

The necessity for migration services arises from changes in business demands or technology challenges. AboutBI provides data warehouse migration, BI migration and version migration services.

It is an acknowledged fact that every organization embarks on migration initiatives from time to time albeit for different reasons. The common scenarios which influence this are:

  • Moving to newer legacy platform/ application, resulting in data migration
  • Migration form one BI / ETL tool to another
  • Version upgrades of BI / ETL tool

Data warehouse migration within companies occurs when they decide to take on the daunting and complex task of changing their data warehousing/ management tool. The factors influencing this decision could be related to cost, performance, ease, scalability and so on. They are then confronted with a great challenge since data warehouse is the basis for reporting, and changing this platform impacts the entire BI stack in some way or the other. The other factors which add to the complexity of this migration include incomplete documentation in existing processes such as data load, reporting and interface processes, database “re – modeling” isolation and confirmation of data model re-usability and potential issues, confirming re-usability of existing approach and / or alternate strategy and so on.

The pitfalls of database migration are that organizations are adding more and more data to their transaction silos every day which creates an increasing need for business analytics from the knowledge workers. There is a wealth of data which necessitates the sieving of information and traditional data bases and not equipped to handle this data effectively. This leads to huge delays in providing information. A bottle neck of “too much data and too little information” is thus created. At AboutBI we help you transcend this bottleneck by seamlessly migrating your reporting data from traditional databases to analytical and more effective ones and increasing the speed of information.

BI Migration

Immense value can be achieved by moving from proprietary BI to Commercial Open source BI resulting in tremendous investment savings while initiating this change. At AboutBI we have the BI tool knowledge coupled with our expertise to ensure that the cross platform migrations are smooth, prompt and affordable.

Version Migration

Upgrading from one version to another is indeed a complex and daunting task. The migrating team therefore needs to have an extensive knowledge and an in depth understanding of the nuances of this task. By entrusting this task to us you secure yourself against needless worries, gain better time utilization, cost effectiveness and better management.

At AboutBI we impart the requisite education to our clients on technology changes and offer advice on migration paths to newer technologies or to different BI platforms. The deployments of our BI Services encompass the three phases of:

Planning : which consists of the briefing session to identify resources, understand the objectives, set the expectations and scope and collect documentation.

Analysis : Where an assessment of the existing environment is made, recommendations offered, options identified and a strategy to move forward to achieve the business objective is outlined.

The Implementation phase : Where we develop road-maps in alignment with the objectives and lay down the configuration and deployment procedures needed for the product line selected.

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