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Hyperion IR (BRIO) to Oracle OBIEE migrations

Many companies are faced with the daunting task of converting all their Hyperion IR (Brio) documents to OBIEE or some other reporting tool.  This can be a very challenging process depending on some common factors.  If your IR documents are being used primarily for querying data with some basic charts and pivots than the migration can be done rather quickly.  However, if your company has IR documents that contain Dashboards or EIS screens or if it contains very formatted reports then the difficulty increases along with the importance of using someone that knows what they are doing.

AboutBI was formed in 2001 when Jaimy Clark, the founder of AboutBI, left his position as Principal Solutions Consultant for Brio Technology.  He was also part of their Advanced technology group.  Jaimy started using Brio in 1995 and has been know to be one of the foremost experts on the product.

Historical Timeline of Hyperion IR (Brio)

  • 1984

    Company Founded

    This was the year that Brio Technology was founded by Yorgen Edholm and Katherine Glassy. The company was best known for their Business Intelligence software systems. They started with a product called DataPivot that was developed on the Apple Macintosh. Their DataPivot technology would be later be added to Microsoft Excel.

  • 1998

    Brio went public

    On May 5th 1998 Brio Technolgy went public on the Nasdaq with the stock symbol of BRIO.

  • 1999

    Patent approved - Release of version 6.0 - Merger with SQRIBE

    The patent for the idea behind DataPivot and its cross tab analysis and reporting was approved. This was also the year that Brio changed the coding structure to JavaScript to allow the creation of very advanced Dashboards using the power and portability of JavaScript. This would also be the year that Brio merged with SQRIBE.

  • 2003

    Acquisition by Hyperion

    In order to grow the the merging technologies Hyperion acquired Brio. Brio was soon integrated in to Hyperion's operations.

  • 2007

    Acquisition by Oracle

    In March 2007, Oracle announced that they would be acquiring Hyperion. Later that year they would finalize the acquisition. A year earlier in 2006 Oracle had acquired Siebel Analytics and were already positioning their Dashboards and Answers product as their BI direction. Being faced with two competing products and Siebel already being positioned as Oracle's BI tool, Brio customers were left with a product that didn't see many enhancements after that point.

Trust in the right company!

AboutBI has been using the Hyperion IR product for over 22 years and the OBIEE product for almost 10 years.  Knowing both products well is the key to a successful migration.  Don’t put your trust and money into companies that may only know OBIEE.  Leave it to the industry experts that know both to help you in this process.

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I have known Jaimy for many years. He has always amazed me with the creativity of his solutions – he comes up with answers that no one else has been able to find. Jaimy is a tireless worker and totally focused on the success of his customers. If you need a BI consultant who can really deliver what you need, Jaimy needs to be on your very short short-list.

Mark Ostroff
Principal BI SC, Oracle

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