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Benefits & Advantages of Rural Outsourcing

Benefits of Rural Outsourcing
We save you money! Because we are a rural company, our cost of labor, recruitment, overhead, and training are substantially lower than our urban competitors. We can offer skilled American outsourcing for a fraction of the price you would pay for city-based workers with the same skill sets. Our prices are strongly competitive with those overseas.

We speak your language. Born and raised in America, our workers are native English speakers with no discernible accent. Because we share the same common language, none of the communication barriers exist that you get with overseas workers. We understand your culture and speak your lingo… it’s our culture and lingo too! You’ll get better refinement of your business requirements, faster delivery, and a better product!

We work in the same time-zones. Located in the Mountain Time-Zone, we are hard at work the same time you are. This means we can deal with your issues in real-time instead of requiring a transition team to hand it off to the “night crew” on the other side of the globe. This greatly increases turn-around time on crucial matters, and means you can speak to us during your own work-schedule without an intermediary.

We buy your products. We are the consumers you sell to, so why not recoup some of your IT budget right here in America? Instead of sending money overseas which takes longer to work its way back into our economy, you can keep your dollars at work right here at home!

It’s great public relations. In these hard times, you can be a force for change in the American ecomony. Let’s face it, there is a stigma associated with sending jobs overseas. You can not only avoid that stigma, but you can gain positive public relations by sending jobs into rural America instead.

We are just as skilled… or more. We believe Americans are still the leaders in the world in Information Technology. We’ll put up our skilled workers against any others in the world and produce better results, faster.

You’ll get better security. Your data will be more secure in our hands than overseas, and those high-security jobs will benefit from our workforce of US citizens. 

Offering a range of skills and services.

Our specialty is Analytics and Big Data, so of course we offer many services in this field from Data Warehouse Design and Optimization to Advanced Dashboard Design. For all your Analytics and Big Data needs, you can count on AboutBI.

We offer many other services. Utilize AboutBI for your other IT needs including everything from Software Development to Web Design to Microsoft Office Training.

We also do training. We can do it for you, or teach your people to do it. You can rely on us for all your training needs from Analytics and Big Data to Office Applications.

Outsourcing Myths

Revealing the truth about outsourcing

Outsourcing MythsDon’t be fooled in the shell game. When it comes to information technology, overseas outsourcing is a bait-and-switch swindle promising more than it delivers.

Consulting in the Business Intelligence industry for over 22 years, we have worked with many large corporations and seen many outsourcing arrangements. Patterns emerge, myths abound. They add up to a high-price con game, funneling billions of dollars out of the US economy.

Myth #1: Overseas Outsourcing saves money

This is the most tenacious myth concerning offshoring high tech jobs. While certainly it can appear true, and sometimes does happen, most often this ends up being a classic bait and switch.

You don’t get the workers you pay for. We’ve seen it happen over and over. You pay for 10 developers in a package deal, but there is no accountability. You have to take their word for it while they bill out the same people to multiple companies. Maybe even to your competitors.

You don’t get the skills you pay for. You’ve seen the resumes and written the checks, so everything’s good, right? Maybe not. We’ve seen everything from resume baiting (you see resumes from senior developers but get junior developers on your project) to outright resume fraud (stuffing particular worker resumes to fit the job description). When the workers are overseas and are insulated by an onsite transition team, there is little way to know you’re getting your money’s worth.

You pay for constant re-training to deal with turnover. Constant retraining is tremendous drain when offshoring. You get warm bodies on your project, train them, and they leave for greener pastures. So you train the next bunch on your data and the cycle continues… ad infinitum. The biggest factor is the lack of training offshore workers have initially.

You pay for an onsite transition team. These are the people required onsite to funnel communications from you to the offshore development team and back. Cost? $70 to $100 an hour or more. With Rural Outsourcing, this position is not necessary as you can see in our next myth…”Around the Clock Development.”

Myth #2: “Around The Clock Development” is good

Around The Clock DevelopmentThis one is fun to bust. It sounds so good, but in reality it is just clever spin. It implies your project is worked 24 hours a day and who wouldn’t want that? Projects should get done faster with that kind of attention, but that’s not what happens.

Communication with development team takes a day. The workers are halfway around the globe, so while you are working, they are sleeping, and vice-versa. So you pose a question for a developer. The onsite transition team passes the question on to the developer who will get it later tonight. You’ll get your answer tomorrow via the transition team.

Communication from development takes another day. A Developer has a question to ask of the business. Another round-trip. See a pattern here? This is a case-study in inefficiency.

Rural Outsourcing? Pick up the phone and talk to the other party directly. You get your answer today…in real-time. No transition team required.

Myth #3: Quality of work is better offshore

Communication barriers result in lower-quality work. Ever play the “phone game” in school? You whisper into Sally’s ear, and Sally whispers to Johnny. Three people into the game and the message bears no resemblance to the original. This is a side-effect of transition teams vs. direct communication.

Language barriers result in lower-quality work. It is easier to communicate complex business requirements to someone who speaks your own native language. Even a foreign accent or lack of shared cultural milieu can block efficient communication.

Under-trained Developers deliver lower-quality work. Junior Developers or untrained personnel are working the vast majority of high-tech offshore projects. You can put a team of warm bodies on a project, but unless they have the experience and training to handle your project efficiently, your deliverables will suffer.

High turnover results in lower-quality work. We covered high-turnover in Myth #1, but one of the far-reaching effects is lower quality work. Mastery is built up over time and quality gets trapped in the revolving door if you don’t have a stable work-force.

Americans still lead the world in quality IT work. Information Technology is a field in which America shines. In terms of innovation, productivity and quality, Americans lead the way. Our American technology workers have been solicited repeatedly by foreign companies trying to staff their IT jobs.

Myth #4: Offshore Outsourcing is secure

Outsourcing Security MythsYou lose control when your data is exported. Non-disclosure agreements are not enough to protect your trade secrets and intellectual property once they have been exported overseas. You are left at the mercy of foreign governments, many of which turn a blind-eye to trademark and intellectual property rights violations.

Working with US citizens is inherently more secure. American citizens are subject to US Law, and contract disputes can be settled in American courts. Many government agencies require US citizenship as a prerequisite for outsourced projects. All employees at AboutBI are US citizens.

Montana Works for us. Let it work for you!

Why Montana?


Montanans are smart. Montana is ranked the “7th Smartest State” by Morgan Quitno Press. more information more information

Montana residents have been running family businesses for generations, developing a strong pride of ownership and business know-how. This means Montanans are business-minded and deeply rooted, resulting in long-term commitment and low turnover.

Montanans love where they live. Montanans love the outdoors. Known for it’s superior fishing and gaming, Montana’s diversity of wildlife and outdoor recreating is second to none. For Montana residents, rural outsourcing provides the best of both worlds — the beauty of a rural lifestyle married to the employment opportunities of the city.

Cost of living and unemployment rate is low. Living in the third lowest population density in the United States, Montana residents have developed a strong culture of cooperation, supporting many thriving businesses without large urban centers. Montanans are used to working hard and spending less because they have thrived in a rural environment for generations. Montanans embody the values on which this country was built.

Government funded training is available. The Montana State government offers the Workforce Training Grant to businesses that bring out-of-state business in-state. This allows AboutBI keep our workforce up-to-date and well trained.

Montanans speak without a discernible accent. According to the 2000 US Census, 94.8% of the population aged 5 and older speak English at home. Our English is clear as you’ll hear on the nightly news.

Communicating your business requirements to our developers will be a joy rather than a chore.

Lets gets started!