I have known Jaimy for many years. He has always amazed me with the creativity of his solutions – he comes up with answers that no one else has been able to find. Jaimy is a tireless worker and totally focused on the success of his customers. If you need a BI consultant who can really deliver what you need, Jaimy needs to be on your very short short-list.

Mark Ostroff
Principal BI SC, Oracle

Jaimy is a valuable business partner with a great vision and concept for affordable, high-quality BI work. Instead of going completely off-shore with resources, he offers highly skilled BI specialists who live in geographic areas of the U.S. where the cost of living and cost of business is lower. The concept worked great for my team. Jaimy was very hands-on and accessible, which accelerated the onboarding process.

Randy Duran
Solutions Engineer, Waterline Data

Jaimy is one of the best BI talents in the Denver area. I would highly recommend Jaimy for any position in the BI area. He is wonderful to work with as a partner!

Cindy Zarlengo
Regional Managing Director, Resources Global

I have had many business interactions with Jaimy over the past 10 years and there is a reason they continue today. Jaimy’s straightforward and honest approach balanced with tried and true technical BI expertise has made all of them a success. I look forward to continuing working together in the future.

Vincent Belanger
Prencipal, East Region GM, CBIG Consulting

Jaimy’s detailed knowledge of the entire business intelligence space was invaluable in our Oracle EPM upgrade. Without his expertise, we wouldn’t have been able to our deliverables on-time and on budget. Additionally, he was very willing to pass on his years of knowledge to our team.

Matthew Brady
Senior Enterprise Performance Management Architect, Independent Consultant

Jaimy and I started around the same time at Brio as an SC. The team depended on Jaimy for his knowledge and solutions driven attitude. As Jaimy grew in his position, it was evident that he was interested in building a successful business in the Mid-West. As Jaimy built aboutBI, I moved into a channels role and was lucky enough to worked with Jaimy as aboutBI grew and gained attention from Montana’s govt. I am proud to say that I have worked with Jaimy and I am very impressed of his ability to build a strong business around his core knowledge.

Nicolas “Nick” Moscaritolo
Director, Analytics Cloud Alliances, Salesforce

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